The inspiring tale of Jane and John, two extraordinary Australians
who choose to live and work in the Peruvian Andes.
One is battling to preserve its past... the other striving to improve its future


For most people living in developed nations, Peru is not a common topic of conversation, much less a destination of emigration. Yet, there are a handful of intrepid Aussies who have crossed the Pacific to live and work there.

Jane Berthelsen hails from country Queensland, but lived in several other Australian states before she decided to backpack around South America, where, enchanted by Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas, she started a successful business that now employs 35 staff. Despite bureaucratic obstacles and enormous cultural differences which she recounts on camera, she has dedicated much of her time to helping disadvantaged young Peruvians, in a very practical manner.

John Leivers comes from Perth, represented Western Australia in surf-lifesaving and played his last game of competitive rugby at age 55; he forgave a promising engineering career to pursue extreme mountaineering and trekking adventures. In South America, he has spent the best part of two decades exploring Andean wilderness areas, documenting Inca and pre-Inca ruins; he describes his varied discoveries, including how he managed to survive several dangerous situations that have killed others.- and almost killed him.

Includes unique video footage of the remote and mysterious Icma Coya sacred Inca site!

CRITICS COMMENTS: from  "In summary Glen Short’s entertaining, inspiring and uplifting homage to Peru and the extraordinary people who have called it home is a real gem.  With access to exclusive footage of ruins and sacred sites, daily scenes from Peru’s streets, and the stunning backdrops of Peru’s glorious landscape this unassuming little film makes a grand impact." full review click here  


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"Aussies in the Andes", 2015, colour documentary film, 123 mins, produced and directed by Glen David Short