Madaru moto: motorbike adventures in South America

Note this index is a summary; only the first page in a given week is listed, there are many 'in between' pages. Use the 'next entry' icon on the bottom right hand corner of each webpage to navigate through all the pages.

1. Inspiration, Motivation, Preparation and... Disaster

2. Recuperation

3. Bike Selection and Purchase 

4. Assembling Atwakey

5. Enforced Hiatus

6. Final Preparations

7. Test Rides

8. Week 1: Cusco-Puno-Arequipa-Moquegua-Arica

9. Week 2: Arica-Mallku-Arica

10. Week 3: Arica

11. Week 4: Pica - Calama - Chacabuco - Ruinas Britania - Los Loros - La Serena 

19. Week 12: Punta Arenas 

20. Week 13 - Punta Arenas

Text and photos copyright  © Glen David Short 2014
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